Rise Up to 2022

The Discovery Insure Umhlanga Women's Association Summer Soiree Luncheon

The Umhlanga Women’s Association will be hosting a Summer Soiree Luncheon at 11h30 on 19 February 2022
at the Pencil Club Umhlanga Arch as a call to action for Women in Business to Rise Up in 2022.

The event will be hosted with the aim of bringing local women in business together and inspiring them to support each other through ideation sharing and creation concerning support for less fortunate communities.

The concept of Women in Business Rise Up 2022 was developed with the idea of assisting those less fortunate in our communities by showcasing the power of supporting local businesses that align with the UWA’s mandate of Serve, Empower and Educate. The guest speaker for the luncheon is Sarah Collin, the CEO of Wonderbag.  The Wonderbag is an easy to use, ground-breaking non-electric slow cooker which continues the cooking process for up to 8 hours once the food has come to a boil. The Wonderbag method reduces cooking time, saves money, and reduces the amount of unpaid labour put into meal preparations. In turn these simple and effective conveniences create a more catalytic environment for building resilient communities.

UWA Chair, Praneetha Aniruth agrees by stating that “The Wonderbag project should be integrated within the Phoenix, Verulam and Tongaat Communities as there is a greater need to create entrepreneurs within these areas”. She went on to appeal for donations to the Wonderbag Foundation. “The UWA event will highlight the successful initiatives of the different community outreach projects conducted by Wonderbag. The Women4Women bundle encourages the purchase of or donation towards Wonderbags. The proceeds/bags from this initiative are all being donated to women and communities in KZN as part of efforts to #RebuildKZN after the civil unrest” concluded Aniruth.

The Umhlanga Women’s Association was initiated as a measure of support to the community of Umhlanga. The UWA, a non-profit organization, is a concept that was built on the narrative of connecting, sharing, and thriving. The UWA is a collective of empowered women from all walks of life, showing support to women and being a constant reminder of the strength that women bring.


Sarah Collins, CEO and Founder of Wonderbag

Sarah Collins

About the Guest Speaker

Sarah, driven by a yearning for equality and social justice, founded Wonderbag in 2008 and has created an entrepreneurial solution to many of the world’s humanitarian and environmental problems by changing the way people cook.
Wonderbag is recognised as the largest scalable solution to Carbon Offsets across the developing world, whilst simultaneously building resilient energized communities. Wonderbag was voted as one of the ‘Top 50 Genius Companies In The World’ by Time Magazine and more recently was recognized by Fast Moving (SA) as one of the ‘Top 10 Most Innovative Companies’ in 2020.
Sarah is energized by spending time in the African bush and is a knitter of note.
Wonderbag is a proudly South African company committed to building resilient communities and sustainable solutions with a strong emphasis on empowering women. The wonderbag’s heat-retention capability allows food that is brought to the boil by conventional methods to continue to cook in the bag for up to 8 hours without the use of additional energy sources. It will save on cooking fuel, prevent accidental burning of food and enable your food to cook safely without supervision.

In an effort to continue to rebuild KZN after the recent riots Wonderbag has launched a ‘Women4Women’ bundle on their South African online shop. Already available in the UK and the USA the Women4Women Wonderbag bundle aims to support women and their families in the most vulnerable communities. Our current focus is on supporting communities in KZN.

“When someone purchases a Women4Women bundle they not only enjoy the time and money saving benefits of owning their own Wonderbag – but they’ll also be helping us to get Wonderbags into the homes of families most affected by the tough economic challenges posed by the pandemic and the recent riots in KZN. It’s fitting to launch this initiative during heritage month as food is often used as a means of retaining our cultural identity.  Wonderbag is used in the heart of the home and increases the disposable income of families by saving money normally spent on cooking fuel and the time spent watching the pot or tending the fire. We hope that the Women4Women bundles will enable us to get more wonderbags into the homes that need them most, “says Alice Kramer, COO of Wonderbag.

The Women4Women bundle is a long-term initiative and can be purchased on www.wonderbagworld.com/shop-sa  for R600 per bundle. The Wonderbag is an award winning eco-friendly slow cooker that is money saving and planet loving. Follow Wonderbag on Facebook or Instagram and be a part of the real changes that the Wonderbag facilitates in communities and families across KZN, South Africa and the world.