Redfern Primary School all set for the school year 2022

Pictured from left to right: Mr Ramesh Ramkhelwan, secretary, Redfern Primary school governing body;  Mrs Trisha Dulundas, member, Redfern Primary school governing body; Mr Zaid Rashid, chairperson, Redfern Primary school governing body; Mrs Karusha Naicker, UWA Head: Community Outreach; and Mrs Monique Sacks, UWA communications and technology member.

The strength of the Umhlanga Women’s Association (UWA) network has proven its mettle once again.  The UWA have adopted Redfern Primary School, based in Phoenix Durban. The UWA in association with KBP Attorneys Inc, have secured a donation from a local manufacturer of goods for a school.  The school has received a total of 1000 schoolbooks and stationery that has been eagerly accepted by the underprivileged learners that are in attendance.

Redfern Primary School has a total of 710 learners ranging from grade RR to grade 7. “The school was adopted by the UWA based on the many needs that are essential for the school, such as security, toilet upgrades and other basic plumbing needs etc” commented Praneetha Aniruth, UWA Chairperson. “Currently the UWA has adopted a spot at the school to upgrade; and we extend the offer to other sponsors that may be interested in making the school a healthy, safe, and thriving learning environment” concluded Aniruth.

Running parallel to the generous stationery donation to the school, is the UWA community kitchen, managed by Mrs Selina Pillay. Mrs Pillay has arranged for a flea market to be held at Redfern Primary School on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am-2pm. The volunteers that assist Mrs Pillay are from the Stonebridge community as well as volunteers from the charity called Hope for Us, which is managed by Mrs Sholayin Nundhlall.

All goods sold at the Redfern Primary School flea market are pre-loved goods that have been donated by the UWA network who embrace the concept of charity with dignity. Interested donors are encouraged to deliver their pre-loved items to the school on the weekends. Proceeds from the flea market enable the restock of the UWA community kitchen which provides 100 meals to those in need daily.

The Umhlanga Women’s Association was initiated as a measure of support to the community of Umhlanga. The UWA, a non-profit organization, is a concept that was built on the narrative of connecting, sharing, and thriving. The UWA is a collective of empowered women from all walks of life, showing support to women and being a constant reminder of the strength that women bring.

Pictured on the left is Mrs Selina Pillay with happy the happy learners and educators from Redfern Primary School.


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