Community Kitchen

This is the charitable arm of our organization and we aim to serve the less fortunate community in the surrounding areas of Phoenix, Tongaat and Verulam. The charitable projects include a community kitchen based in Umhlanga, distribution of groceries, clothes and counselling.

This arm of the UWA has a dedicated cook that prepares hot, nutritious, affordable meals for those in need.  We identify people in the community who do not have electricity or the means to get to food distribution points. Many of the recipients include sickly elderly, people in wheelchairs and those bound to their homes due to medical conditions.

Selina Pillay

Head: Community Kitchen

Our Community Kitchen is based in Southgate, Phoenix and is run by Selina Pillay who has helped many charitable and food programmes in the Phoenix and surrounding areas of Verulam, Tongaat and specifically the Riet River Community.

The community kitchen regularly prepares and distributes these meals free to those in need. The  ingredients and fresh produce are generously sponsored by the community, and comes from a place of servitude and devotion to humanity. Please click here if you would like to contribute money, time or ingredients to our community kitchen.

UWA Community Kitchen Monthly Requirements

UWA Community Kitchen Monthly Requirements
Flour125kgR1 900
Sugar50kgR1 000
Milk30 litresR600
Margarine60 blocksR1 800
Oil10 x 5lR2 750
Tinfish96 x 400g cansR2 240
Baked Beans120 x 410g cansR2 400
Pasta100kgsR2 900
Soya Mince40kgsR1 600
Soya Chunks40kgsR1 600
Cheese20kgsR2 300
Masala10kgsR1 000
Hot Dogs10kgsR1 200
Chicken100kgsR5 000
Frozen Mixed Veg40kgsR1 000
Mutton50kgR5 000
Chicken Mince25kgR2 250
Mutton Mince20kgsR2 400
Potatoes12 x 10kg PocketsR1 100
Onions8 x 10kg PocketsR700
Tomatoe Cans80 x 400g cansR1 600
Assorted Fresh Produce Cabbages, Pumpkin etcR1 200
Gas Supply6 cannistersR2 000